offers a varied menu from May to September. Open to all, campers or neighbours, in May, June and September from Thursday to Sunday from 7 pm to 9 pm, as well as on public holidays. During the months of July and August, the restaurant is open every day from 12h00 to 14h00 and from 19h00 to 22h00. In addition to our menus, we organize themed evenings very appreciated by our customers, Wednesday evenings from 20:00 to midnight, to make you discover the gastronomy of Périgord but also other cuisines like that of Italy, Spain or the Caribbean.

Thierry enjoys cooking the specialities of the Dordogne and also likes to discover and share the flavours and dishes that will make you travel for an evening. These lively and convivial evenings allow you to meet other campers, have fun and spend a relaxing moment.


Children’s Menu

Menu Enfant  8.90 €

1 Beverage of your choice
(fruit juice, water syrup or soda)

Chopped steak or Nuggets
with Chips or Pasta

1 scoop of ice cream (any flavour)
French Crepe with sugar

Gourmet Corner


Eggs en ​​cocotte with foie gras6.30 €
Cèpes mushroom Omelette 6.30 €
Salad with hot Rocamadour goat cheese on toasts 8.60 €
Escalope of foie gras roasted with fresh fruits 9.60 €
Salad “Au P’tit Bonheur” (salad meal !)
(hot gizzards, peppered duck breast, foie gras & Rocamadour goat cheese)
 14.20 €

Main Courses

Entrecote with shallot butter13.70 €
Gambas blazed with Armagnac13.70 €
Roasted duck breast with coocked apple slices13.70 €

Optional Garnish : Chips, Green beans, Tagliatelle, Provencal tomatoes, Basmati rice or Sarladaises potatoes


Holidays Menu

Holidays Menu  13.10 €

1 Starter + 1 Main Course  /or/  1Main Course + 1 Dessert

Holidays Menu  15.10 €

1 Starter + 1 Main Course + 1 Dessert

Starters :
Delicatessen plate
Foie gras and toast
Freshness Salad

Main Courses :

Grilled lamb chops + garniture
Grilled Beefsteak + garniture
Code back

Optional Garnish : Chips, Green beans, Tagliatelle, Provencal tomatoes, Basmati rice

Dessert :
Have a look on our desserts menu

Dordogne Menu

DordognE MENU  21.70 €

Starters :
Foie gras escalope with grilled fresh fruits
Cèpes mushrooms Omelette
Eggs en cocotte with foie gras

Main Courses :
Entrecote with shallot butter
Gambas blazed with Armagnac
Grilled duck breast with coocked apple slices

Optional Garnish :
Chips, Green beans, Tagliatelle, Provencal tomatoes, Basmati rice & Sarladaises potatoes

Dessert :
Have a look on our desserts menu


Nos Pizzas

At the restaurant & to take away

Cheese & Tomato
8.10 €
Cheese, Ham & Tomato
8.70 €
Cheese, Salami & Tomato
8.70 €
Cheese, Chorizo, Paprika & Tomato
9.20 €
Cheese, Ham, Mushrooms & Tomato
9.20 €
Crème fraiche, bacon, Mushrooms, Oignons & Cheese
9.20 €
Crème fraiche, 4 cheese : goat, bleu, emmental mozzarella
9.80 €
Cheese, Mushrooms, Paprika, Oignons & Tomato
9.80 €
Cheese, Salmon, Shrimps, Oignons & Tomato
9.80 €
Take away

Take away

Please, order in advance !

Roast Chicken for 4 persons10.00 €
1/2 Roast chicken5.30 €
Chips 250 Gr 2.60 €
Chips x 5 portions11.00 €
Sandwichs : pâté, ham, or Cheese 3.30 €
Sandwichs : Salad +  ham + cheese OR jambon de pays3.50 €
Sandwichs : Foie gras (bloc )4.50 €
Pique-nique : sandwich, chips, drink, fruit + cooler 7.60 €
Pizzas : you can take away all pizzas